Kurz at Work

Dr. Mary E. Kurz
Associate Professor
Department of Industrial Engineering
Clemson University


Research Interests

Dr. Kurz is interested in improving the efficiency of large assembly systems through better integration of various functions, such as sequencing, line balancing, and material handling. She develops mathematical models, heuristics and metaheuristics to evaluate the potential for system improvements.


Undergraduate Courses

  • IE 3600 Industrial Applications of Probability and Statistics
  • IE 3810 Stochastic Operations Research
  • IE 3840 Engineering Economic Analysis
  • IE 3860 Production Planning and Control
  • IE 4400  Decision Support System

Undergraduate-Graduate Courses

  • IE 4460 / 6460 Modeling and Analysis of Manufacturing Systems

Graduate Courses

  • IE 6840 Applied Engineering Economics
  • IE 8510 Descriptive Analytics
  • IE 8810 Metaheuristics