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Chelsea Spence
Chelsea Spence
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Ibrahim Ozan Yilmazlar
Ibrahim Ozan Yilmazlar
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Former Team Members

Name Role in the lab
Alghazi, Anas Balancing and Sequencing of Mixed Model Assembly Lines
Amiri, Parastoo Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization for Flexible Flow Line Scheduling
Canterbury, Sarah A. Gene Expression in Genetic Algorithms
Dabhade, Indraneel Multivalued Subsets Under Information Theory
Eubanks, Greer An Interactive Facility Layout Optimizer Using Genetic Algorithms and VBA
Goradia, Pratik Evaluating the Impact of Deposit Rates in a Closed Loop Supply Chain
Grooms, Lindsey Genetic Algorithms in Facility Location
Kunadilok, Jakrawarn Heuristics for Scheduling Reentrant Flexible Jobshops with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times and Limited Buffer
Long, Samuel A. Incorporating Laptops into an Introductory Operations Research Course
Madadi, Omid Supply chain network design: Risk-averse vs. risk-neutral decision making
Mehendiratta, Vinay Increasing Crew Scheduling Robustness through a Flight Leg Characteristics Index
Montgomery, Miranda A Hybrid Portfolio Asset Selection Strategy Using Genetic Algorithms
Namouz, Essam Automated Assembly Time Estimation Method
Pearce, Bryan A Study on General Assembly Line Balancing Modeling Methods and Techniques
Pehlivan, Sertac Improved Methods for Flexible Flowline Scheduling
Randall, Patricia Adaptive Crossover Selection in Genetic Algorithms: Its Application to Scheduling of Serial Batches on Unrelated Parallel Machines
Randall, Robert Single and Multiple Objective Scheduling Methods for Railyards with Earliness and Tardiness Concerns
Runkle, Mary J. Problem Based Search Spaces with Johnson’s Rule for Flexible Flow Lines
Rupasinghe, Thashika An Investigation of Metaheuristics Using Path- Relinking on the Quadratic Assignment Problem
Sangsawang, Ornurai Metaheuristics for Hub Location Problems
Sankaran, Vinodh A Particle Swarm Optimization Using Random Keys for Flexible Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Sequence Dependent Setup Times
Slagh, Lisa Genetic Algorithms in Facility Location
Tangudu, Sarat Branch and Bound for Parallel Batch Processing Machines
Watkins, Barbara Factory Physics Analysis Tool and Case Study
Whetsel, Sean Using Metaheuristics for Logistic Regression on Aviation Accidents
Yoder, Beth Genetic Algorithms for Logistic Regression
Zu, Ling A Study of the Static Bicycle Repositioning Problem with a Single Vehicle