Metaheuristics Topics

We apply metaheuristics to NP-hard optimization problems when we have large data sets. Often, these occur in multi-objective settings. Metaheuristics from my research include genetic algorithms, tabu search, and particle swarm optimization. These metaheuristics have been applied to a wide variety of research topics.
assembly line

Assembly Topics

We apply techniques to solve assembly and transfer line balancing and sequencing. Problem specifications include parallel workstations, mixed model assembly lines, two-sided assembly lines, zoning constraints, and ergonomic constraints.

Flexible Flowlines Data Repository

We apply heuristics and metaheuristics to flexible flowline scheduling problems. The data used to solve flexible flowline scheduling problems came from a given repository.

Scheduling Topics

We solve machine scheduling problems using different methods. Problem objectives include minimizing makespan, the number of tardy jobs, and total weighted tardiness as well as multi-objective scheduling. Problem specifications include parallel machines, batch-processing and sequence dependent setups.